Campus Facilities

International students have an access to all RSSU facilities, including one of the Russia's largest academic libraries, free Wi-Fi students’ coworking spaces, e-learning facilities, sport center with swimming pool, medical center and many more.


Four RSSU dormitories in Moscow provide accommodation for international and Russian students, enabling them to experience diverse cultures through cross-cultural communication on a daily basis.

Sports facilities

International students can enjoy playing sports or working out in the up-to-date fitness center located on campus. In addition, there is an indoor swimming pool that can be used regularly with a monthly membership.


Every department possesses its own scientific library which is specialized in order to help students with their studies. RSSU main campus also includes Electronic Social Library, providing the access to University Data System and other important resources.

Cultural center

RSSU operates its own Cultural Center where students, professors and staff members have the opportunity to realize their creative potential.