International Students @RSSU

Amandine Bourse, exchange student, Université Blaise Pascal, France

I had the great opportunity to study in RSSU, and this is something I don't regret. Living in Moscow is a unique experience, that I recommend to students who want not only to improve their language skills, but also to discover and get closer to the Russian culture. In RSSU I had the chance to meet people from many countries, and also to have wonderful classmates who were always ready to help me. Moreover, I would like to thank especially Kate Sandler (head of the international department) for her constant support, her kindness and for being so professional

Cindy Chan, exchange student, Hangzhou Normal University, China

I was studying in RSSU as an exchange student for one academic year and I have to say it is a university that can really bring you many changes.professors here are knowledgable and patient,they helped my Russian language level from a total zero to A2 in a year,and made me interested in Russian culture behind it as well.Also,teachers in international office are adorably helpful and caring as well,which make my Russian life as a foreign student much easier!Here I would like to say thanks to RSSU a lot!Also,I recommend it to u and a great choice when u are thinking about in studying in Russia for your better education

Katerina Machkova, Erasmus exchange student program, University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

I arrived to Moscow in February, 2016. I attended all workshops and lessons in my field of study (social work) in RSSU.
All teachers and classmates were very helpful to me. During my study visit I've improved my spoken and written Russian as well.

Vallone Intille Pablo Valentin, exchange student, Universidad Nacional De Cuyo, Argentina

My experience in Moscow was excellent! I've discovered a new world, lived a unique experience and I took home a real treasure of knowledge. 100% I recommend this opportunity, that can only be described if you live it. Best greetings!

Ndour Mouhameth Dit Naby, undergraduate student, RSSU

I have always been dreaming of continuing my education in Russia. Russian State Social University not just made my dream come true but also set for me directions towards great professional future!

Xia Chenye, exchange student, Hangzhou Normal University, China

Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Crimea, Sochi... I visited so many places, and I found Russian people are very kind. Russia is my second home, and I love it!


Yao Zhangyue, exchange student, Hangzhou Normal University, China

As we all know, Russian is a difficult language, that is very hard to learn. But at RSSU we have very nice professors and lovely Russian friends, who gave us a lot of help. Also thanks so much to International Office for many useful advices!