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    Vietnam (in RSSU) Votes!

    While the main story this week was the General Election in the United Kingdom, in the Russian State Social University we had our own election. The Vietnamese students of RSSU held an election in the opulent surroundings of the University’s Home of Culture, the aim being to provide support for Vietnamese students here and strengthen their ties with the RSSU administration. And as well as become a voice for Vietnamese students within our University, the Vietnamese student union will cooperate with similar unions of Vietnamese students in Moscow and Russia.
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    Protect yourself: rules of physical security

    July came. There will be two more wonderful warmer months and a lot of leisure time which we can spare walking all day and all night long…Wait a minute. All night long? Why not? Is it really so safe as it seems to be? What is needed to secure ourselves and our friends during a night-time walk or a late-night suburban train journey? What do we have to carry around and which ways of self-protection are necessary to know? Answers to these and other questions are provided in this article.
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