History Highlights

RSSU was founded in 1991 with the mandate to continue the core of the research and teaching activities of the former Higher School of the Communist Party. Initially, research and teaching were focused on the social and political sciences. Gradually, University activities extended into project work on social policy for State Institutions, as well as the education and support of acting administrators. It also became the leading institution for developing and drafting social reforms. RSSU was the first University in the Russian Federation to launch educational programmes in the areas of Social Work, Social Youth Work, Social Insurance, Social Gerontology and Social Support for the disabled. Since starting these programs, more than 400 000 social workers have graduated from the University.

Important dates:

1991 - Russian State Social Institute was established by an act № 15 of the Government of the Russian Federation;

1991 - At one of the most picturesque places in Moscow – Losiny Ostrov National Park, the first campus of Russian State Social Institute was opened;

1994 - Russian State Social Institute was renamed to Moscow State Social University;

1998 - Moscow State Social University was granted with the public traditional university status;

1999 - Stromynka campus was founded;

2003 - University received its most precious and historically unique campus on Wilhelm Pieck Street; 

In 2005 Russian State Social University received its current name;

2005 - On the territory of the Russian State Social University campus, with the help of students and academic stuff donations, was founded the orthodox church named after the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God;

2006 - Academic stuff of Russian State Social University was awarded in the sphere of education by the Government of the Russian Federation.