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| 2008

III National Championship of professional skills among people with disabilities, Abilympics started in Moscow on 1st December. More than 900 Regional Championships winners in 73 subjects of the Russian Federation gathered in our capital. The competition included 65 competencies. 700 employers-experts evaluated the results of the competition.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, welcomed participants and guests of the Championship and expressed confidence that it will be a successful professional starting point for participants and will help them to succeed in the chosen professional area and wished them all the best.

The first day of the Championship was very intense. There were a lot of exhibitions such as: Exhibition of Technical means of rehabilitation, Exhibition of folk arts and crafts, Exhibition fair of products made by persons with disabilities, the Interactive area of career counseling, Workshops  "Massage", "Music technology songs in sign language", "Production of Cabinet toys", "Painting Lessons", "Industrial robots" and others.

The opening ceremony was bright and colorful.

Olga Vasilyeva, the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, performed with a welcome speech. "The slogan that opened the III national Championship: "The world belongs to you" should be the motto of our life. The world belongs to You!" – said Olga Vasilyeva.

Abilympics is not just the competition. Schoolchildren, students, young professionals were looking for a potential employers. More than 180 partner employers joined the Abilympics movement for over the years of its development, most of them in the regions.

The championship has become a unique platform for debate on the issue of people with disabilities employment. It included plenary sessions and round tables, where were discussed the question how to help everyone at the state level.

The business program was organized with the support of the Ministry of education and science, Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of culture, the “Rostrud”, other state structures of the Russian Federation and also was funded by President Fellowships.

Russian State Social University became a co-organizer of the championship. Abilympics National center was created on the basis of the RSSU.

345 volunteers and 623 experts have participated in the Championship.

Abilympics competitive and business program was the end of the championship’s second day. Participants and experts summed up the results and determined the winners. Scientists and public authorities opened further ways for movement development.

The big closing ceremony of the III National championship of professional skills among people with disabilities Abilympics was held in column hall on Sunday, 3rd   December.

It was a really big celebration with brilliant show, great songs, dances and awards to all who created and supporting this wonderful movement of equal opportunities and professional growth for persons with disabilities.

And, of course, there were many kind words to participants, experts, and heads in all levels, to everyone who helped to create the "Abilympics-2017".