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Ambassador of Chile visited RSSU

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On May 27 Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Chile to the Russian Federation Juan Eduardo Eguiguren came to RSSU to talk about education and international cooperation.

During the visit the Ambassador met the rector of RSSU Natalia Pochinok and was guided through University facilities. The highlight of the visit was a lecture about the Republic of Chile, its international affairs and educational system. Besides, the Ambassador and the rector of RSSU discussed the most efficient ways of development of scientific and educational cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chile. Mr. Juan Eduardo Eguiguren stressed the lack of information about the Russian education in universities of Chile.

The Ambassador underlined:

“Unlike other countries, Russia and its universities are not widely presented on the education market in Chile. As a result, students from Chile trained in the Russian Federation are few and far between.”

Solution to the problem stated above would be short-term programs, like RSSU International Summer Camp. This program gives students an opportunity to get acquainted with history and culture of Russia, ways of life of Moscow, and, of course, learn the basics of Russian language.

Mr. Juan Eduardo Eguiguren also emphasized that students trained at bachelor’s level prefer to receive education in Chile in a contrast to postgraduate students which believe that participation in academic exchange programs is necessary. That’s why the educational cooperation between Russia and Chile has a great potential.

Mr. Ambassador has been executing important diplomatic functions for 30 years. He has had diplomatic positions in Syria, Haiti, Bolivia and the UK. He has been a Chilean Mission Advisor in the UN Security Council, Director of the special policy of International Disarmament and Security and a representative of many international organizations. He has been the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Chile to the Russian Federation since 2009.