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Bright start of career

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Heads of projects "Competency platform" and "Laboratory of career" taught students how to pave the way to their career

Workshop «Start of Career» that took part on November 16 was designed to give students a notion of personal efficiency's building.

Students met the head of the project «Competency platform» Alina Valencia, chairman of the board of «Uniastrum» bank Anna Tsytovich, director of the Department of Human Resources of the bank Natalya Minina and other speakers.

Organized workshop introduced students to the methods of networking, personal branding and time management.

Manager of RSSU projects Yelizaveta Salvitskaya said: «Students have found out what is waiting for them after the university and how to choose the right path in professional sphere. This knowledge would come in handy for every student regardless of his year of study»

During the forum students were invited to enroll into one of «Uniastrum» bank’s project to acquire valuable experience in future career.