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Chess erases the boundaries

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Große liebe means “Big love”.These words became a slogan of the 20th Youth Chess Championship held in a small German town Willingen. «German Chess Youth» invited RSSU team took part in the competition and as a result our students took prize places.

Große liebe is the second event organized in the framework of General Cooperation Agreement between RSSU and «German Chess Youth». This trip is a return visit of RSSU delegation after participation of German sportsmen in International RSSU Chess Cup Moscow Open-2016.  

Eight chess players and coach of RSSU team showed remarkable results: two RSSU students became the first- and the second- place winners in the category under 25 years among young women. Akzhan Shopanov took the sixth position in overall standings.

The Director of «German Chess Youth» Jörg Schulz said that participation of Russian chess players made this Championship a truly international event. German colleagues showed great interest in our delegation and interviewed our chess players. They were eager to find out the secret of such high level of chess in RSSU and Russia. «German Chess Youth» dedicated a whole column in every issue of its newspaper to our chess players.

Event organizers also paid much attention to entertainment programme. Since the tournament was held in a famous ski resort of Germany, chess players were offered to participate in cable car rides and mountain walking. Also RSSU students played bowling and 3D golf with German sportsmen, they made new friends.

This trip showcases that Cooperation in the framework of the signed agreement turned out to be truly fruitful. Chess really can erase the boundaries.Without a doubt, we’ll keep on strengthening and developing our partnership.