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Creating Role Models in Sport

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On 6 December 2016 All-Russian ball «Student Stars of Sport» celebrated outstanding sport achievement of students, student teams and educational organizations.

For the fourth time State Central Concert Hall «Russia» hosted traditional ball held under the auspices of Russian Student Sports Union.  The event gathers more and more people every year and gives an opportunity to obtain successful experience of organization  of student leagues, regional, All-Russian and international student competitions in various sports.

The event was organized with support of Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Department of sport and tourism and The Olympic Committee of Russia.

Representatives of Russian State Social University participated in this solemn event.

The dean of RSSU Faculty of Physical Education Alexander Makhov said: «This year RSSU occupied the 5th position in overall team standing among 90 universities that took part in the 28th Moscow Student Sport Games. It’s the best result in the history of our university and we’re glad that we have reached such a high level»

The photos were taken from the official site of the event