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Days of Russian Language in Cuba

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"Days of Russian language in Cuba" started on October, 31 in the University of Guantanamo

The conference dedicated to relations of Cuba and Russia marked the beginning of Days of Russian language in Cuba the event organized with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, RSSU and Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba.

The Conference was held in the Assembly hall of the University of Guantanamo. Vice-rector for Strategic Development and International Affairs Maxim Stepanov talked about historical bonds between Russia and Cuba and fundamental bases of bilateral relations.

The program of the Days of Russian Language in Cuba includes lectures, discussions, cultural exchanges, film screenings of Russian movies, visits to communities of Guantanamo and the inauguration of the Department of Russian studies.Among other hosts of the event are Superior Mining Metallurgical Institute and University of the East

Due to the historical links that unite the both nations and half of century of bilateral relations, teaching of Russian language has always been  a part of curriculum in some institutes of Higher Education and language schools of Cuba.