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English Language in the 21st century

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“Learning English in the 21st century” scientific conference was held at RSSU

The conference was conducted by Charlotte Frence, a well-known Oxford lecturer and expert of Oxford University Press ELT. Methodological seminar was co-organized by RSSU. The highlight of the conference was an active participation of students and their presentations. Despite a numerous audience, students overcame stage fright and presented their reports properly. At the end of the conference Charlotte Frence noted that she was impressed by good knowledge of English language and public speaking skills of the students.
Staff of RSSU students editorial office  talked to one of speakers, which commented on her presentation:: 

"As soon as I found that that RSSU was organizing this conference, I volunteered to participate in it. I had a great desire to present my report, because its theme was quite familiar to me. In my opinion, the conference turned out to be very interesting and educative".

 Head of English philologydepartment Yelena Bazanova said:

"We should organize more events of this kind. They are very useful both for students and teachers. RSSU is always open to cooperation with other countries".