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When you think about summer, you would probably remember the holiday fun, the seashore with golden sand and the warmth of the sun on your skin. But the RSSU Enrolment Board staff thinks different. Things to pop in their minds are piles of papers, the queue management system, many enrollees,and red-shirted volunteers to help them. Only three years ago, when I was an enrollee myself, the enrolment procedurewas absolutely different. How do this year’s prospective students feel about it? And is the queue management system that good as we think it is? I decided to rewind time a little and go through the process again.

The Magic Board

Entering the building, the first thing I see is the huge group of enrollees. But they don’t make a crowd that follows the chaotic trajectory of some molecules (as it always happens with lots of people gathered together). They’re divided into groups in front of the reception post and the stop-diagonals. Some read the leaflets; some watch the greeting presentation on the screen.

‘I need to figure out what’s going on’, I thought to myself. Then I started bombarding them with questions.

The stop-diagonal is the giant sensor screen showing the RSSU website in all its glory. Anyone can use it and get the info they need. No doubt, one of the volunteers is always around to navigate you if needed. Want to know the lowest passing scores? Go to the nearest stop-diagonal. Curious about the list of the departments? Yep, it’s all here. Enrolment ratings? This magic board (and the volunteer, of course) is ready to answer all your questions.

OK, now that we’ve mastered this tech miracle, what’s next?

Starting Point

I see the huge neon-like letters “RSSU” at the end of the hallway. I can’t help but start nagging, because we had nothing that like that before. My investigation starts. A couple of handsome young men are standing near the letters. I’m prepared to ask the sneakiest questions, but hell I was wrong. It was for me to be questioned! Their questions weren’t sneaky at all, to be honest, but still.

‘Are you an enrollee? Have you chosen the department? Taking a Bachelors or a Master’s degree? Have any privileges?’

Wow, what a competence! I start thinking these guys know everything (concerning the procedure, of course).  It is the place for pre-consulting, so they ask you some questions, and you can do the same. They are the people to meet and greet you, to navigate or to take you to the right door just to make sure you got there fine. After a brief consultation, you get a little list of your questions highlighted and go to the volunteers responsible for the queue management system. 

Queue Management System: It’s Just like a Bank

You made it to the reception post, got the list and gave it to the volunteer. What’s next? I see another volunteer and another piece of high-tech in front of me.

‘It’s just like a bank. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they announce queue numbers.’

In a second my thoughts were confirmed. A loud voice called my number. That moment I wanted to enroll again.

Now you have the queue number. The system’s really user-friendly so to say. It has the room, the desk and your personal numbers on it. You just need to wait for your turn. But I’m not an enrollee (though I’m trying to act like one), so I go everywhere without waiting, and I’m not feeling bad about it.


Important Areas

Let’s take a look at the areas where you can get a consultation. First things first.

  •  The Waiting Area. A large table with lots of useful information aboutenrolment. The Atlas of directions, leaflets,and booklets. And flowers, of course. Comfort is everything.
  • Operators Area. Lots of numbered desks – this is the number you see on your queue till. You go to the desk according to the number and get things done. Without leaving the room, you can submit your papers, get consulted on the department choice and even payfor education (yet again I thought we had nothing like this back then).
  • Photo Area. Don’t worry about your application photo. Black and white or in color, 3x4 or 4x3, electronic or printed – nothing’s impossible. In each room, there is a special area where you can take a photo, and it loads to the enrollees’ database immediately. It saves you tons of time and effort. So sit down on a comfortable chair and say "Cheese!".

The enrolment campaign’saim is to show that at universityprospective students can feel at home. The atmosphere is very home-like: flowers, decorations,and tasty food.


Speaking of food. Putting the objections aside, the enrolment procedure is stressful. WillIpass? DoIhaveallthepapersIneed? What should I do? Don’t panic and don’t goto the drugstore searching for tranquilizer pills. Have a lunch at the RSSU cafeteria instead.

The newqueue management system won’t let you miss your turn. No need to ask strangers who’re the last and remind them about yourself short after. Leave all that to the “auntie’s” loud voice and follow the smell of food. At RSSU you can stay in line holding a bun. For those who worry about keeping fit, price tags now read calories as well. Proteins, fats,and carbohydrates don’t scare me at all! Can I have this delicious cheese pie, please? Now we had a lunch break, time to go forward.

No Dorms Better Than RSSU Dorms 

When I was a kid I was sure that being a university student requires living in a dorm. I was so disappointed when I discovered it doesn’t. I was imaging this dorm fuss, living together, gathering with friends and a more mature life. For me,the dorm was just a dream, but for some of the prospective students, it can come true. RSSU has a special dorm reception post. There you can learn anything about dorms from the Dorm Head’s name to the room interior. Talking to yourconsultant,pleasedon’t forget to mention that you need a place in a dorm! Take care of your future, as it’s just around the corner, so to say.

If We Don’t Answer We Call You Back

It’s time to use my journalist privilege and do somewhere where an enrollee can only call. The almighty call-center is the source of everything, it provides the first consulting. The center can help you choose the prospective department.

The callcenter also provides online-consulting. Have you ever heard about “RSSU Enrollee” VK community? Take a chance to ask a question there; specially trained staff will answer it online. Should I even mention that we had nothing like that before? Well, youknowwhatI’msaying.

But these are not the only changes. Now the call-center staff calls back to all of these whose call was missed.


All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised. RSSU had drastically changed in those three years. The number of prospective students is growing from year to year. Just for your information, on the 5th of July over 6 thousand applications were submitted. And this is not the limit. RSSU prospective student, I’m calling to you. Perhaps your application is already here among these 6 thousand applications. Perhaps you’re still thinking about submitting one. But remember, no one is left behind in RSSU. RSSU helps.

RSSU is waiting for you!

By Diana Kurkina

Photo by Elina Leonova