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FIFA and RSSU unite to train children with Down Syndrome

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Representatives of DSActive program visited Moscow to participate in seminar organized with support of FIFA social program "Football for Hope" and Russian State Social University

DSActive is a sports program for people with Down  syndrome administered by the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) in London, United Kingdom. DSActive currently have over 40 football sessions and 20 tennis programs that run over England and Wales.

Russian State Social University pays much attention to development of programs related to people with Down's syndrome.Therefore, with the support of FIFA  social program “Football for Hope” and the Russian State Social University, DSActive were invited to Moscow to participate in a seminar organized by the Russian charity Downside Up. The seminar was called “Psycho-pedagogical features of work with children with Down’s syndrome in sport groups of football”.

The seminar was attended by over 80 experts interested in providing sport activities for children with Down’s syndrome. List of experts included sports instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, students and volunteers. During the seminar speakers and guests discussed issues of organization of sports groups of football for children with Down Syndrome. Russian specialists shared their observations and English experts talked about their experience in organization of football training. DSActive Sports Officer Sophia Pittounikos held a practical training for the students and coaches who will be working for Downside Up’s football program.

The next day after the seminar English guests attended football training sessions held by Alexander Makhov with support of RSSU Student volunteers. They observed training session, at the end of it they talked to Russian specialists and gave them some recommendations.

DSActive Sports Officer Sophia Pittounikos  shared her impressions: “Our Russian colleagues demonstrated professionalism in organization of mini football training for children with Down Syndrome. The training sessions were held with great enthusiasm. I’m really amazed by the quality of work of the Russian specialists. I gladly participated in training and I hope that teams of our countries will be able to compete on sports ground very soon"

Sports instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, students and volunteers acquired a great experience and new emotions. At the end of the event all guests were invited to be guests of  National Festival in the UK.