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“Good music makes us better”

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Does the music have influence on people's behaviour and lifestyle? Or we listen to it just for run? Does the learning process of High School of Music named by Schnittke on modern music tendencies? Marina Pereverzeva, a Doctor of Art Criticism, a lecturer of Theory of Music of High School of Music named by Schnittke, agreed to answer these questions and tell us about modern music.

The music of which country and of what time do you like the most?

I am a musicologist of American music so I study American music of the XXth century. But actually I am really fond of classical music. My favourite composers are Mozart, Chopin, Brahms, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky. And I also like professional electro.

Nowadays rap is extremely popular, 10 years ago rock music was in great request, 200 years ago classical music was on top. To your mind what does have influence on music tendencies?

I think that it depends on spiritual needs of people. The matter of fact is that in XXth music split into two different and not always parallel directions. Academic music is developing for a small group of listeners, but music for a larger audience is doing the same for 70% people. Some centuries ago popular music had a form of couplets, but now it has a form of hip-hop and rap culture.

People are fond of simple beats and words because they are suffering from information pressure, which they are living under. People of XIXth didn't have such a problem.

Are there any XXIst performers who you like more than others?

I like beautiful music. There was a time when I liked Dima Bilan, he had a good composer. Now my favourite singers are Grigory Leps, Sia and David Guetta.

A lot of modern songs are about drugs, parties, alcohol and posh life. What do you think about it? Is it okay for children to listen to such music?

It is a one-hit wonder. I don't think that we have to take them so serious. Youngsters think that drugs aren't dangerous, posh life is easy to get not taking to account that only hard work can bring you money and success. However censorship is not an option because as we know forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. That's why it is so important to make clear such things to children.

So you suppose that music can influence on person's values and behaviour?

Definitely yes. Music especially modern music plays a leading role in some people's life. Music is some kind of a link between people's needs and real life. It tells about what people desire and they desire beautiful things.

To your mind what kind of music will be popular in future? Is it possible for opera singing become popular again?

As I have already said music split into two different direction and they rapidly get away from each other. It is unlikely that a person who likes rock or rap starts listening opera. It is likely that in future there will be absolutely different kinds of music which can't even imagine. For example, now we have such a type like crossover. It is a mix of two different music genres which are tended to create something new. Perhaps it will become much more popular one day.

Once I encountered an interesting quote: “There is good music and there is run-of-the-mill and it's important to distinguish them”. And what is good music for you? And what is run-of-the-mill?

Good music is made by a good professional, the man who knows a lot about music, who is skilled and trained for such a challenge. He can transfer his thought to others using his music. A real artist can guess what people need, he can play with their tastes. Good music makes us better. It brings importance and beauty in our lives. The main aim of art is spiritual growth of people.

Do modern music trends influence on learning process of High School of Music students?

Surely it does because pop music has a special place in people's lives. Those who study folk culture get the additional education as pop performers. As most of our lecturers are experienced in their fields and some of them even were a pert of show-business our students understand what is popular now and what will be popular later. They know how to be on the same page with the listeners. We grow professionals.

Pop music is so popular that we lose some students in the filed of classical music.

Do you have your own method of teaching or you follow the standards?

Every educational program is only partly a standard. It follows state requirements which are common for all universities. Today we are working on developing of inclusive education. We try to follow the tendencies which the society dictates. We have up-scale content of teaching programs and our lecturers write their own study guides for some program tracks.

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