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If you want something you haven’t had before try to do something you haven’t done before

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On April 21 RSSU organized a meeting of “School of Goodwill”

The special guest of the evening was Artyom Metelev, co-chairperson of Council of Volunteer Centers Association, and a person that is always ready to help. Artyom introduced himself and answered questions of the audience.

Presenters of the meeting Vedagan Morgunov and Viktor Schastliviy said:  «Artyom is an embodiment of goodwill. He is 23 and he dedicated 9 years of his life to free of charge assistance».

The hero shared his experience of volunteer work and talked about skills required to achieve success.

«If we want our society to be healthy we must eliminate these boundaries of misunderstanding and  alienation, organize activities for disabled people, make friends with them, help them or let them help us. We must encourage them to live a normal life. It’s a hard work, especially in terms of self-development».

After the presentation Artyom Metelev had a friendly dialogue with audience.Participants of the meeting shared their impressions on the recent works of volunteer centers in Russia. At the end of the evening everyone enjoyed tea in company of new friends.

The meeting is planned to be organized next year with participation of new inspiring heroes. Without a doubt next event will be interesting and captivating too.