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Immortalized Memory

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On Victory Day volunteers and employees of RSSU took part in “Immortal regiment” that marched through central streets of Moscow

March of "Immortal Regiment" is an event that showcases a truly patriotic spirit and eternal memory of people that struggled all through the war. This year the march of Immortal Regiment has been held for the 6th time in Russia,it attracted more than 750 000 participants in Moscow. It has become a tradition for Student Volunteers Centre to support this event. This year more than 300 volunteers made a contribution into this solemn occasion.

Leonid Nosonov, director of RSSU Students Volunteer Centre: «This is one of the major events for RSSU and its Student Volunteers Centre. For the first time it was organized in Tomsk in 2012 and then it immediately converted into a national action. Today it’s organized not only in Russia but also in other countries that fought against fascism. Not so long ago «Volunteers of the Victory» movement was initiated. Thanks to this movement we take part in the march, help to organize it and honour the memory of our ancestors».

Vladislava Rusu, volunteer of RSSU: «My grandfather and grandmother made it through the war. I couldn’t help participating in this event as a volunteer, because I believe that the history should never be forgotten and it won’t be».