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In search for new format of Russian-Chinese cooperation

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Representatives of RSSU participated in the Second International Conference «Russia and China: on the path to improvement of bilateral relations».

On May 30-31 Russian Council of International Affairs with support of the Government of Russian Federation, Ministry of International Affairs  and the Embassy of China organized the Second International Conference «Russia and China: on the path to improvement of bilateral relations». The conference was designed to continue fruitful negotiations of the last year.

The event welcomed many outstanding government officials and public personalities of both Russia and China. The primal objectives of the event  was assessment of the current state and  perspectives of Russian-Chinese relations, indication of the main achievements and pending problems of bilateral development and preparation of proposals concerning the further development of strategic partnership for political leadership of Russian and China.

The introductory speech was made by the Minister of International Affairs Sergey Lavrov, the president of Russian Council of International Affairs Igor Ivanov and the president of Chinese party of Russia-China Friendship Committee for Peace and Development Dai Bingguo.
The speakers included the representatives of RSSU – Grigoriy Kuzmenko, PhD, head of the Department of Philosophy and Anastasia Rusnitskaya, deputy dean for scientific work of the Faculty of Humanities of RSSU.

Anastasia Rudnitskaya said:

«Invitation to this prestigious scientific conference testifies that RSSU has achieved a lot in the area of Russian-Chinese cooperation. This area is very familiar to the Faculty of Humanities since it’s a core of our scientific and pedagogical activities within programs of «International relations» and «Foreign Area Studies ». Hopefully, participation in this conference will boost our potential and will enable us to organize more practice for our students».

International Conference of such a high level  should contribute  to  implementation of broad social dialogue aimed to search for more efficient tools and formats of bilateral Russian-Chinese cooperation in various areas.