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International RSSU Chess Cup Moscow Open 2017

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RSSU is ready to welcome talanted chess players of every age

From January 26 to February 6 RSSU will hold International RSSU Chess Cup «Moscow Open-2017»

Russian State Social University is one of the major chess arenas in Russia. In recent years the University has become a platform where regional, All-Russian and International competitions regularly take place. In 2016 RSSU held more than 30 sport events.

The University tries to expand a number of tournaments and provide more opportunities for everyone who loves chess. For the first time RSSU will hold Fast Chess Cup for blind and visually impaired. The Cup comprises many tournaments including National Student Chess League Championship, which intensively develops and unites many universities. Besides, this year RSSU organizes a conference dedicated to the problem of teaching chess in school which includes 4 round tables: «Chess in school», «Chess in University», «Chess for veterans and elderly people», «Chess in inclusive education»

Last year Moscow Open reached exceptional success: a chess lesson within RSSU International Chess Cup Moscow Open 2016 became the World’s largest chess lesson of all time and entered into the Guiness Book of Records

It’s also noteworthy that there are many outstanding sportsmen among graduates of the University, including Sergey Karjakin, Valentina Gunina, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Ernesto Inarkiev, Nikolay Chadaev and others.