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Learn Russian, recite Pushkin

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Foreign students were given certificates after finishing Russian language course.

On June 9 the Preparatory faculty of RSSU organized a graduation ceremony for students who completed Russian language course. The head of International Affairs Olga Nazarova and the dean of Preparatory Faculty Andrei Silin congratulated the students, granted them with certificates and wished them further success.

Russian language program of the Preparatory Faculty drew students from such countries as Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, South Korea, China and Senegal. In spite of the short period of time they have spent in Russia, students managed to adapt to our country’s lifestyle, learn the basics of Russian language and use the knowledge in practice. The dean and the teaching staff of the Faculty including professor Svetlana Belukhina, docent Elena Kazakova, and senior teacher Anastasia Kalachina did their best to enable the students to succeed in their studies of our language. Besides, the students were supported by the team of International Affairs and Youth Policy Department.

Apart from learning Russian language, students got acquainted with Russian literature and history, attended lectures about intercultural communication and Russian mass media, visited many museums, saw plays in Russian theatres and even traveled to various Russian cities.

Though the most of the students will say goodbye to Russia, some of them have decided to continue their studies in RSSU.

After the ceremony the students arranged a short concert where they recited their favorite verses of such poets as Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Blok, Sergey Yesenin and Konstantin Balmont.

The high point of the ceremony was singing of  well-known Russian songs “Katyusha“ and “Podmoskovnye Vechera” (“Evenings in suburbs of Moscow”).

Hopefully, someday we’ll see these students in RSSU again!