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Master class "Experience of IT— my success"

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Master class "Experience of IT— my success"

Master class "Experience of IT— my success" was held in Russian State Social University on 9 November.

The master class was organized by Natalia Ushakova - the representative of the largest network of schools, EF Education First's English language training.

Natalia Ushakova is an engineer – physicist. As a student she began to work as a promoter in one of the leading companies HP (Hewlett-Packard Company — American company in the sphere of information technologies). Natalia began to work for the world famous company Samsung.

"Recently, Samsung and HP decided to create a single Corporation, and I went to work in Education, otherwise I would have had to cooperate with HP," says Natalia.

Due to IT experience, Natalia was able to achieve success, and today she works at Education First is the largest private school in the world– training of 9 languages, including English, German, and Korean.

The company sends students on an exchange program in another countries. There, student choose the appropriate host family, in dealing with which he will raise the level of proficiency. As example, a cheap trip is to Malta, and the most expensive in Singapore.

To become a part of EF, we need to pass some tests language proficiency: testing and creative part. After the results the school takes groups of students. Those whose level of knowledge is high, win a free trip for a week in Cambridge and receive additional training literature.

"Education First second time organized a master class in RSSU, making it clear to our students who learn foreign languages and it  is a great advantage for them when applying for a job," says Kristina Chumbaykina, Head of the Alumni Club and the Career Center.