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RSSU set a world record in chess education

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A chess lesson within RSSU International Chess Cup Moscow Open 2016 became the World’s largest chess lesson of all time.

On 29th January, 2016 Russian State Social University organized “The largest chess lesson” as part of RSSU Chess Cup Moscow Open 2016.

More than 250 kids and students attended a special lecture, dedicated to the first chess world champion Wilhelm Steinitz. Alexander Kostyev, RSSU chess lecturer, president of the International School Chess Union and director of the International Chess Cup Moscow Open introduced to the audience not only biography of Wilhelm Steinitz, but his legendary chess games.

The record was verified by official representative of the World Guinness Records Christelle Bitrong. She handed a relevant certificate to the rector of Russian State Social University Natalia Pochinok.

Natalia Pochinok, rector of RSSU:

"Our university is a forge of chess players and teachers, who organize chess activities, while RSSU Cup is the biggest tournament in Europe, the most powerful and interesting festival. And of course, the Festival like that must be accompanied by bright records and victories. Nomination for “The largest chess lesson”, which we’ve set a record at, is a union of university activities and our flag-sport – chess."