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New opportunities

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New opportunities

Interfaculty meeting of students with disabilities and the limited possibilities of health was held in RSSU. Issues of access to higher education for students with disabilities, adaptation of first-year students to educational process, social and cultural provision were discussed at the meeting.

Artem Maslov is the Director of the Department of employment of persons with disabilities. He spoke about the employment opportunities and challenges for people with disabilities.

There are a lot of students in the meeting, such as: the 1st year students of the faculties of social work, physical education, Higher school of music named of Schnittke, ecology and technosphere safety, information technology, legal, and College students.

These lectures are a great opportunity to learn about College life and available employment opportunities for students with disabilities. The students were able not only to listen to lectures, but also participate in games, meet the managers and communicate with each other.

Artem Maslov invited everyone to visit a special fair site for persons with disabilities, which will go on 14 November.