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Ni hao! Though It's time to say goodbye...

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Students from Dalian University received their diplomas at graduation ceremony.

At the very beginning of academic year time seems to be frozen. But when one actively engages in the educational process, every day disappears as swiftly as it comes. That’s what Russian students experience. As for foreign students, who has come to Russia, a completely different cultural environment, months of their studies turn into a one incredible moment to remember.

The very moment that exchange students from Dalian University of China experienced. Since the beginning of their studies, teachers introduced them to Russian culture and revealed its essence. Without any doubt, they will come back to their country with a repository of knowledge in Russian language, literature and lifestyle.

On May 19, specially for students from China, RSSU arranged a graduation ceremony. During this event students shared their impressions on the time spent in Russia and talked about the most memorable moments of their stay in our country. Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Marina Nevskaya congratulated the students on successfully completing their studies in RSSU and awarded them with diplomas. Some of the students even received honorary certificates for active participation in campus life.

After the ceremony I talked with some of the students and asked them about their impressions on the study and life in Russia.

When you found out that you got an opportunity to study in RSSU as an exchange student, what were your expectations?

Lixia Huang answered: "I expected that I would improve my skills of Russian language, meet new people. Also I was eager to learn as much as possible about Russian culture and traditions." 

Has your expectations met the reality?

Lixia Huang said: "Yes, of course. I have improved my written and spoken Russian. I’m so glad that RSSU gave me the opportunity to learn about the culture of your country, get to know wonderful Russian people and see the immensity of Russian lands."

Has you benefited from your experience of living in dormitory?

Linxia Li said: "Yes. The most important thing that I’ve been taught in RSSU is to be independent. Now I can cook and clean all by myself. In China it was never a problem, because our university is like a little town with its own infrastructure. Thanks to the fact that I’ve been living in dormitory of RSSU, I got to know many nice people. I was amazed by kindness and attention they treated me with since the day they met me." 

In the beginning of your studies RSSU organized excursions, trips, quests. Have you made any discoveries?

 Lixia Huang responded enthusiastically: "I learned much about Russian history. One cannot forget all the monuments and the way of life in Russia. Moscow Zoo also impressed me because I saw a polar bear for the first time. Everybody seems to adore pandas and call them the cutest animals ever, but I definitely think that polar bears are as cute as pandas." 

On the week of Maslenitsa RSSU prepared a small feast for you.  What was your impression?

Haixia Ni said: "I really like traditional Russian holidays, because people always laugh and dance, it’s obvious that they’re brimming with joy and happiness. On the week of Maslenitsa I tried Russian pancakes. Since then it has become of my favorite Russian dishes."

After finishing Dalian University, would you like to attend Master’s program in RSSU?

Luing Wang answered: "Yes, I’ve thought about it. I consider it as a great opportunity to improve my Russian skills. If I get a chance to study in RSSU, I won’t miss it, for sure."