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Night in the House of Comintern

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On May 20 RSSU organized an excursion to "Comintern of RSSU" museum

The museum is located in one of the buildings of RSSU - a building formerly owned by the Comintern. The excursion to the museum was conducted by its curator, Associate Professor of the Department of the History of the Fatherland of RSSU Pavel Teterin. He talked about the history of the Comintern and showed issues of the "Communist International" journal dated back to 1919-1942.

Although the Comintern was a secret organization and all the documents now are kept in the archives, there is a curious story about an unusual elevator which could transport people straight to the metro. The abandoned branch of secret Metro-2 led from the House of the Comintern to government buildings. Nowadays it is impossible to get to this subway because the entrance was immured due to the Order emitted in 1943.

Some students of RSSU took part in the excursion and were delighted with the story about Metro-2, the suite and corridors of the museum as well as the memorial office which is currently occupied by RSSU Rector Natalia Pochinok who kindly offered to show the room during the excursion.