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Rector of RSSU signed an agreement with the organization "Officers of Russia"

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Together, the RSSU and the "Officers of Russia" will embody the strategy of patriotic education of youth. Rector of RSSU Natalia Pochinok: "The signing of the agreement gives a start to the development of joint projects with the public organization "Officers of Russi ". Together we will contribute to the patriotic education of youth. "

Chairman of the Presidium of the public organization "Officers of Russia" Sergei Lipovoy formulated the main goal of this cooperation:

"Our public organization deals with issues of patriotism. The main part of our work is organizing meetings with wonderful people. For various reasons, they are not in demand in public life, so our goal is to integrate them into the process of patriotic upbringing and education. Meetings with young people are one of the important components of this process. Veterans share their experience and talk about what qualities a citizen and patriot should possess. We have many points of contact with the Russian State Social University. "

During the meeting, the issues related to veterans' problems were raised, and joint projects were discussed. The start will be monthly meetings with the heroes.

For reference:
The All-Russian Public Organization "Officers of Russia" unites veterans and active officers, members of their families, as well as indifferent citizens ready to contribute to the creation of an effective system for ensuring the security of the state and the population, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the individuals, adequate social and logistical support officers, as people who dedicated their lives to serving the Fatherland and society.

Picture: Ksenia Pryakhina