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RSSU and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation signed the agreement

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Rector of RSSU Natalia Pochinok and First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Shvetsov signed the agreement on cooperation in the process of socialization and adaptation of people with disabilities in modern society by raising the level of their financial literacy.

Before signing the agreement, Natalia Borisovna provided the Central Bank delegation with the University's projects on the introduction of new technologies in the educational process, promotion of the availability with high education for people with disabilities, development of the platform for chess tournaments.

The agreement involves the joint work on raising the level of financial literacy of people with disabilities through the development assistance of the vocational and additional education in the financial sphere. RSSU and the Central Bank will work on the development of the best practices in training and socialization of people with disabilities, including the "Abilympics" movement.

Natalia Pochinok commented: "It is a great honor for RSSU and for the National Centre for the development of professional skills competitions "Abilympics" to sign the strategic agreement. The Central Bank of Russia was the first who stepped to improve the availability of financial services, comfort, and inclusion of people with disabilities in this sphere. Financial sphere was always very dynamic but those steps and that project, which are led by the Central Bank of Russia, undoubtedly, change the country in general. Now we already have the concrete achievements and results. And, certainly, joining to the National movement "Abilympics" will give a possibility not only to create new quality of services of all financial-market participants and to make financial institutions for people with disabilities more comfortable, but also to attract highly qualified people with disabilities in finance industry because they have greater talents than people without disabilities. I'm proud of it because I think that the chain of territorial administrations of the Central Bank and that impact on the environment will give a possibility to reach the furthest corners, to have quality jobs and to be open to the customers with disabilities. I think that in the framework of IV National championship, which will be held soon – at the end of November, at the VDNH, in the pavilion 75 – we could take concrete steps to present the outcomes, and in my opinion, they will be very serious. And in the framework of this championship, which is a rally point of all regions, employers and leadership teams of the regions we'll also be able to influence changes in our country. Thank you very much for the honor! We will work harder to make more than it is required in the agreement. Because for us your partnership is that development vector, including our University and movement, in which we want to move".

In response, Sergey Shvetsov said: "Thank you so much for saying that, Natalia Borisovna! After signing the agreement and becoming responsible for the financial market, we also have made serious commitments. We have a very important task- to make financial services accessible to people with disabilities and also to induce financial sector to hire such people. We start with ourselves and now we consider the possibility to hire people with disabilities in our Сall Centre. This experience will provide an opportunity for the financial sector to attract people with disabilities to work in financial agencies in the future. We have a lot of hard work in which we will use your practices and experience in this sphere".