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RSSU continues to establish strategic partnerships in South Korea

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MOU Signed between Silla University and Russian State Social University

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Silla University and Russian State Social University (RSSU), Moscow. The memorandum calls for the development of cooperation activities in the academic, scientific and social spheres between Silla University and RSSU.

The memorandum was signed by the President of Silla University, Dr. Park Tae Hak, and Rector of Russian State Social University, Dr. Natalia Pochinok. The two parties agreed to cooperate in academic areas of mutual interest such as joint research activities and publications, exchange of students, professors, scholars and administrators through mutual visits, organization of joint conferences, seminars and other similar events as well as on cooperation in other relevant scientific exchanges.

RSSU, which is located in Moscow, was founded in 1991 and despite of its seemingly short history, has already gained a recognition as one of the main universities for Social Sciences and the Humanities in Russian. Today over 25,200 students and more than 2 500 international students take their studies at RSSU.

The provisions of the MOU give scope for wider academic cooperation between the parties.

Silla University constantly works on increasing the diversity of students on campus, advancing research educational cooperation, and on boosting international development efforts. The University currently has partnership relations with 175 universities of 28 counties.