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RSSU developed a new approach to the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) system research

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A monograph “Methodological and methodical approaches to conducting sociological surveys in the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) system” was published by Russian State Social University.

This work has gathered together many departments of our university. The monograph was developmed by the Director of the Research Institute of Advanced directions and technologies Marina Vinogradova, a candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of Finance and Credit at the Department of Economics of RSSU Olga Shinkareva, Senior Scentist Sergei Babakaev, Vice-Chancellor in Change of Research Alexander Maloletko, dean of the Department of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel Training , PhD in Economics Olga Kaurova, the Director of the Scientific Grants, Competitions and Programs Maintenance Monitoring Center, a candidate of Sociology Galina Shendrik, PhD in Law Lubov Sitdikova and a candidate of Law Svetlana Starodumova.

The monograph is devoted to the study of issues related to the assessment of information provision of insured persons with medical compulsory insurance. The work was aimed to analyze existing techniques and compare them with those that use health insurance organizations, to develop a unified approach that would not only reveal the public opinions, but also allow using these techniques to conduct monitoring of consumer awareness of MHI issues.

«The monograph offers a unified approach to conducting surveys. It presents structured practical procedure for carrying out surveys of insured persons insurance representatives at the information support at all stages of rendering first aid "- associate professor of finance and credit  at Department of Economics of RSSU Olga Shinkareva said. The work examines the existing practice of surveys, the main directions of improvement sociological research, the general procedure for carrying out surveys at all levels of monitoring and organization of surveys. It studies the regulatory and organizational- methodological framework of carrying out surveys, the problems of reliability and comparability of the obtained results. It raised the issues of main directions of the improvement of sociological surveys in the field of health insurance.

«We held a round table with the participation of representatives of medical insurance organizations, discussed the issues of our research and processed reviews from the regions. We sent out methodical remarks to medical insurance organizations all over Russia. It was a lot of work” the Director of the Research Institute of Advanced directions and technologies Marina Vinogradova said.

Health insurance organizations will use the results of the research as methodological recommendations.