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RSSU graduate Ernesto Inarkiev has become the Europe Chess Champion

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RSSU graduate Ernesto Inarkiev has become an early winner in European Chess Championship held in Kosovo.

The championship took place over 11 rounds and finished on May 23. In final round Ernesto Inarkiev played a draw with Kasper Perun, a chess player from Poland, and secured an early victory. The next day the grandmaster came back to Moscow triumphantly.

 Director of RSSU International Center of Chess Education Alexander Kostiev said:

«Ernesto is one of the most responsible, independent and diligent graduates of RSSU. He was a very good student and dedicated himself to improvement of his chess skills. As a natural result, he has become a champion of Europe. »

We congratulate Ernesto Inarkiev with this outstanding victory and wish him further success!