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RSSU hosted international exam CELU

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RSSU has become the first host of CELU (a proficiency test of Spanish as a foreign language) in Russia.

On November 4 for the first time in its history RSSU functioned as a venue of CELU, a proficiency test of Spanish as a foreign language that leads to receipt of Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use (Certificado de Español: Lengua y Uso), officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of Argentina. This is a truly remarkable event since this exam has never been held in Russia before.  

RSSU welcomed representatives of the ELSE Consortium Ana Principi and Ana Pacagnini which arrived from Argentina In order to conduct the exam. This year the exam was passed by students of such areas of training as “Linguistics”, “International Relations” and “Public relations and Advertising”. During the exam candidates used their skills of reading, writing and speaking. For the majority of students it´s been a first experience of passing international exam of foreign language, and it was definitely priceless.

Exam CELU is conducted in educational institutions and language centers in more than 10 countries of the world (Argentina, Brasil, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Thailand, Singapore and others).  We are pleased that our university is now among them. From now on, in collaboration with the ELSE Consortium, RSSU will give to the citizens of Russia an opportunity to obtain international certificate, acknowledged by educational institutes, state and private organizations all around the world.