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RSSU is in favour of football for everybody

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Russian State Social University is doing great job of socializing alternatively gifted children and adults by the means of football and adapted sport.

FIFA World Cup Russia is in full bloom. Russian national team brought a gift to the whole nation wining over Spain in last 16. There might not be a single person in Russia who is not passionate about the outstanding football celebration as the game unite people all over the world regardless of gender, age and status. And disabled people are not the exception.

         The football players with Down syndrome being “Downside up” and “Love Syndrome” charity funds educatees became the participants of the World Cup supervised by a group of RSSU lecturers and students whose leader is Aleksandr Makhov, a dean of Physical education department, Russian Paralympic Committee member, guardianship board of charity fond “Love Syndrome” member.

         Angelina Makarova was a participant of opening ceremony. A group of four children and their couch Alina Kulikova, a Physical education department student specialized in adapted sport, are now at the international football festival for disabled children, orphaned children and children deprived of parental care.

         These events and discussion of developing of football for children with Down syndrome were the recent air of program “Vse na match” main topics on federal channel Match TV. Aleksandr Makhov, his educatee Anton Sankevich and a FIFA volunteer Vladimir Sitdikov told about the organization of football trainings for children with Down syndrome. Aleksandr Kerzhakov, three times Russian football champion and the most prolific goalscorer in the history of Russian football, asked people not to be indifferent and help developing football for alternatively gifted and active children.


         Cooperation of RSSU and “Downside up” and “Love Syndrome” charity funds in question of inclusivity and football for children with DS started in December, 2015. The result of test class under the guidance of couches and volunteers of RSSU Physical education department has been the cooperation agreement between charity funds and RSSU. In 2016 some round-table discussions and conferences aimed to raise a topic of football for children with DS development were held. Thanks to the work more than 40 children with DS can attend football trainings and students can do practical work during their studying, take part in conferences and create diploma projects.

         FIFA started supporting the development of football for children with DS project in January, 2017. The main idea of the international football organization engagement is transfer of Moscow's best practices to the other Russian regions, creation of new training methods, retraining of couches, holding a championship, forming a Russian national team and presenting it to the world.

         Nowadays there is the first-published study guide “Five-a-side for children with DS” in Russia. Its authors are scientists and RSSU advanced students. The study guide presents the experimental method of five-side training for children with DS.

         The greatest goal of RSSU and charity funds coordination was forming of football teams among children with DS in Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Ryazan. There are intentions for creating such teams in Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

         Participation of young football players in World Cup opening ceremony and a meeting with Qatar representatives which country will be the next host of World Cup were dramatic events.

         The next steps in plan of RSSU and charity funds coordination are retraining couches from the other Russian regions and holding the first football championship for children with DS in 2019.