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RSSU students and FIFA Confederations Cup

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They write captivating stories, make photos of tourists and guests of the capital and tell about the life of volunteers beyond the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. This tiresome work requires total dedication from RSSU students who wear violet and yellow uniform and call themselves mediavolunteers.

“Just like football, volunteering is a team sport!” - this thought may appear to everyone who enters the Volunteer Center. This center unites volunteers of Media Center, reporters and editors. The person responsible for cooperation of volunteers and media is manager.

Daria Deryabina, manager: "During  FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 nearly 1850 volunteers are working in Moscow. Mediavolunteers have the most important task. They create image of all the volunteers. The volunteers play a significant role in organizing this international event".

Football players score goals, fans shout the names of their favorite players on hte stadiums and mediavolunteers write stories about feats of the volunteers who guide tourist, football fans, and football players.  

Anna Pereverzayeva, mediavolunteer: “There are many volunteers in Moscow and they fulfill many functions. They are frequently asked questions irrelevant to the championship, for example, how to become a volunteer or where to buy the uniform they wear. I saw some volunteers being interviewed by federal TV channel on the Red Square”.

Nadezhda Konareva, mediavolunteer:: “I met a couple of football fans from Chile in Sheremetyevo airport. They were happy about Chile’s win over Cameroon. That day they were travelling to Kazan to watch the next match. I was amazed by their enthusiasm!”.