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Russian State Social University celebrated the Day of Sociologist

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Russian State Social University celebrated the Day of Sociologist

Scientific and practical conference "A sociological portrait  of the Russian nation" was held in Russian State Social University on 14 November.

Vilen Ivanov, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Сorresponding member of RAS,  Head of the sector of sociology of youth ISPR,  Prof. Dina Tanatova,  Doctor of Social Sciences,  Dean of the Faculty of Sociology of  Russian State Social University, Prof. Tatyana Yudina,  Doctor of Social Sciences, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Irina Dolgorukova, Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sociology, took part in scientific-practical conference.

Sociologist is a specialist who studies the life of society. But the role of society is invaluable for individuals and the country as a whole, therefore, the sociologist is the man who has analytical and humanitarian skills. He is able to analyze, synthesize insights, to know math and to be indifferent to the political and socio-cultural issues.

Students of the Faculty of Sociology, of the Faculty of Social Work and of the High School of Music of A.Shnitke Faculty of Arts and Sociocultural Activities presented their reports. The reports were devoted to problems of social unity of the Russian nation, transformation of values, family business, new financial regulators and other relevant topics.