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Russian State Social University opens its branch in Guantanamo

| 2022

University of Guantanamo is one of the RSSU key partners in Cuba. The historical roots and future perspectives set up the necessity in the deep cooperation between two universities. This path leaded to a new branch of Russian State Social University on the basis of University of Guantanamo.

Currently RSSU is glad to inform its students and partners about recently opened dual Ph.D. programmes in Economics and Pedagogy with the University of Guantanamo on the basis of RSSU branch. The main goal of these programmes is to benefit from both Russian and Cuban education systems, traditions and values.

The dual Ph.D. programmes were not only designed for Cuban students, but also for students who’s intentions and professional interests lay in the frame of RussianCuban education systems. This notion is expected to promote interchange of researchers and professors between Russia and Latin American community.

The agreement between two universities will give their students the possibility of thesis orientation, practice and knowledge acquisition from Russian State Social University and the University of Guantanamo. The duration of the programme is 3 years, which will lead students to the valuable degree obtainment from both universities.

Partnership between RSSU and the University of Guantanamo as a major step towards historical Russia-Cuba relations’ revival.