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Solving conflicts, overcome inequalities

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At the forum "Community" of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in Ufa the project "Center of social interaction" on the resolution of social conflicts in the districts of Moscow and a number of other regions of the country is being implemented. It is implemented in the scientific consultation of the Center for Mediation and Social Interaction of the RSSU.

April 25, 2018 the head of the Center Anton Ostrovsky held a master class within the framework of the forum: "The experience of solving group social conflicts with the participation of representatives of the local community." This master class allowed demonstrating the basic practices of conflict resolution, which should become the basis for overcoming social inequality and improving the quality of life of Russians.

Since December 2017, the experts of the Center for Mediation and Social Interaction of the RSSU with the participation of the students of the Conflictology Department of the Faculty of Management are successfully conducting the reception of citizens and conducting mediation procedures to resolve communal conflicts related to the installation of barriers, land surveying, parking spaces, etc. in Tverskoy District Moscow. In 2018, Volunteers - mediators from Chelyabinsk and Lipetsk joined the project.

This practice is the first in the country's experience of systemic work on resolving social conflicts at the level of local self-government and its scientific analysis for subsequent replication by government bodies and all interested parties.