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Strengthening of cooperation between Chinese partner universities and the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

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Grigory Kuzmenko - the head of Department of Philosophy of the Russian State Social University and the Board member of the society of Russian-Chinese friendship visited the People's Republic of China in the first week of December.

Grigory Kuzmenko visited several major Chinese universities in different cities such as: Fudan (Shanghai), besides Universities of Foreign Languages in Dalian, Beijing, Xian and met with the leadership of relevant departments of these universities.

Grigory Kuzmenko discussed possible forms of cooperation with administration of the faculty in the Russian cultural center in Beijing.

The important result of the visit was the decision to train teams from Chinese universities for the April competition in Moscow.

It’s not the first time, when the Russian State Social University is a co-organizer of this important international event.

«The trip was very eventful and fruitful. The visit to Fudan University was very significant. I gave a lecture on World and Russian folklore for students of Fudan University.

Especially, I would like to mention the visit to Dalian University of foreign languages.

Next year, it will be exactly 10 years since the student exchanges between this University and Russian State Social University started. About 200 Russian and Chinese students got an internship during this time» - said Grigory Kuzmenko.