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Students and teachers of RSSU attended the exhibition “Russian Saints”

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On July 15 The Manezh Central Exhibition Hall hosted the opening ceremony of Feliks Komarov´s exhibition “Russian Saints. Feliks Komarov´s collection. 300 icons»

Felix Komarov is famous businessman, the founder of the collection of Russian icons which accumulated approximately one thousand works of art and three hundred images of saints painted from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

Russian artist Nikas Safronov said: “The exhibition attracted me with its brilliance. I think that every person should attend this kind of event to marvel at the abundance of our motherland. Some of the icons are drawn by non-professional artists, but still it’s clear that these masters contributed their love for God into the work. It’s a return to our roots. Russian icon is the basis for me”

The exhibition features images of the main Orthodox saints: the Baptist Grand Duke Vladimir, Dukes martyrs Boris and Gleb, St. Sergiy Radonezhsky, Saint Basil and many others. The number of icons in the exhibition exceeds any other state and private collection.

RSSU student Anastasia Yakovleva shared her impressions: “The exhibition dazzled me! My generation is getting aloof from culture of our country, that´s why this type of exhibition must be organized more frequently. Me and my family are Christians and we have some icons in our home, but what I´ve seen here is simply breathtaking!”

RSSU student Anna Pukhovskaya said: “I must admit that this place does possess some special energy. It´s really amazing, there are so many icons here. Attending this exhibition is an opportunity to see a part of the heritage of our country.”