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The Monograph of RSSU economists in the largest library of the world

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The monograph "Assessment of the Prospects for Development of the System of Non-State (Supplementary) Pension Provision in Russia" was prepared by a team of economists from the Russian State Social University and was published in English by SCIEURO (London).

The monograph is written by Aleksandr Maloletko, Marina Vinogradova, Olga Kaurova, Sergei Babakev, Olga Kulyamina, Dina Makeeva, Yevgenia Mityushina, Elena Kryukova and Vyacheslav Bataev.

The monograph will be placed in the British Library, which is integrated with The Library of Congress and the largest international citation bases.

Marina Vinogradova, Director of the Research Institute for Prospective Directions and Technologies of the RSSU: "The monograph was prepared on the basis of the survey conducted by the RSSU on behalf of non-state pension fund Blagosostoyanie. We examined the prospects for implementing corporate retirement programs, the attitude of employees and employers towards them, the willingness of Russian residents to co-finance their future pension based on the opinions of residents of 45 Russian regions, heads of top 500 enterprises and organizations and also the opinion of 1500 middle-level managers. It turned out very interesting".

The main results of the study made up the content of the monograph. The citation of the publications of the scientific staff of the RSSU will be increased thank to the monograph that was placed in the British Library and the Library of the US Congress and it will allow to place the obtained scientific results in the world's largest bibliographic bases.