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Thomas Beavitt’s “Song and Verse Translation” Literary Translation Workshops

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On September 19-21 the Scientific Library of RSSU hosted literary translation workshops of Thomas Beavitt.

The workshops were organized for students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, whose specialty is English philology. During three days participants were mastering the skills of translation of poetry from Russian and English language. They presented songs and verses of their own composition and evaluated works of the fellow students.

Editor, translator, researcher, lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Yekaterinburg Thomas Beavitt said: “«I was very impressed by the high level of the students’ understanding of the English language and sensitivity towards the cultural relationship between the Russian- and English-speaking worlds».

Students expressed interest in works of Thomas Beavitt. His performance of English versions of songs of the legendary Russian singer Vladimir Vysotsky and the verses of outstanding Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov left no one untouched. Another highlight of the workshop was a concert which included students´ performances of English songs in Russian and Russian songs in English.