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Time to have fun: Mayevka Fest!

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Muzeon Park hosted the second Moscow Student Festival «Mayevka» on May 29.

The event was organized with support of “Russian Youth Union» and “Russian association of students”. Festival was arranged as a large interactive playground, offering various workshops, quests, games and lectures.

Guests of the event shared their impressions on the festival:

“I really enjoy being here. It’s also noteworthy that many universities of Moscow are presented on this festival. Since I finish 10th grade this year, I think this event is very useful for future enrollees.”

“I´ve come here from another city.  I´ve spent all day on this event and I have no regrets about it. Without any doubt, I´ll be here next year too.”

The guests were also invited to Annual Musical Festival “Mayevka-live”, which was a parade of Russian pop stars with catchiest songs of the season and new hits.