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Vietnam (in RSSU) Votes!

| 2299

While the main story this week was the General Election in the United Kingdom, in the Russian State Social University we had our own election. The Vietnamese students of RSSU held an election in the opulent surroundings of the University’s Home of Culture, the aim being to provide support for Vietnamese students here and strengthen their ties with the RSSU administration. And as well as become a voice for Vietnamese students within our University, the Vietnamese student union will cooperate with similar unions of Vietnamese students in Moscow and Russia.

As part of the continued Internationalisation and development of the University, this was another positive step.

“We need a unified voice that can tell what is happening inside the university, to Vietnamese and other students will come to us because we are the best university in Russia!  It brings the students closer to us and ensures we create even better conditions for study and life” said Alan Moore, Director of the Centre for International Relations and Youth Policy.

In addition to the elections, students also read out their works, played musical instruments and performed songs in their native language.

“Studying at the Russian State Social University, I expect to get a high quality education and learn more about the uniqueness of the largest country in the world,” said event participant Zyong Chi Duc.

In only it’s second year of existence the organization has grown rapidly.  According to the representative of the city’s Vietnamese trade union Fang Han Han, last year it was rather part of the Moscow diaspora. Now that the number of students from Vietnam at the Russian State Social University has increased double, they have the opportunity to engage with the Vietnamese and general community within the university.

The event was organised by the Vietnamese students union in cooperation with the RSSU Centre for International Relations, Admissions Office, Higher School of Music, Youth Policy Department, Faculty of Communications Management and House of Culture.