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World Dog Show-2016: volunteers working as hard as ever

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RSSU Volunteers helped to organize World Dog Show which took place on June 23-26 in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

World Dog Show is the largest dog exhibition. It’s organized every year in one of the member countries of World Canine Organization. The highlight of the event is final competitions and election of the four-legged winner.

More than 30000 dogs of 300 breeds from 70 countries of the world took part in the Show. Moscow welcomed guests of the event with famous Russian hospitality and cordiality.

Volunteers did a great job and made a considerable contribution into the organization of the event. RSSU Students Volunteer Centre delivered 350 volunteers which worked in various zones of Crocus Expo: parking, entrance, registration desks, grooming zone, information desks, ring zones and other areas. Participants of the event appreciated volunteers’ diligence and responsiveness.

Tatiana Kuznetsova, RSSU student and one of the volunteers shared her impressions on the event:

«World Dog Show, which took place on June 23-26 in Crocus Expo is the first major event where I participated as a volunteer and was able to get a firsthand experience. To be honest, those 4 days can’t be called easy ones for me. We were in survival mode, got up at 4.30 a.m and earlier, still we needed to keep smiling and stay calm, that was actually a challenge. Nevertheless, I am happy that I haven’t missed a chance to extend my outlook, not only getting acquainted with new breeds of dogs but developing communication skills. Besides, I met many people and got to know the process of organization of major world events.I want to thank RSSU Students Volunteer Centre for their work and competency,everything went even better than I expected!» 

 Thank you, dear volunteers. Once again you demonstrated that you’re capable of everything to endure any trial.