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XVII International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development

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XVII International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development

XVII International Scientific Conference on Economic  and Social Development was held in Russian State Social University since 30th of October till 31st of October. More than 50 scientists from 30 countries took part in the Conference.

The Conference was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and in collaboration with University of Zagreb (Croatia) University North (Croatia).

During the Conference were discussed following topics:

·     Social and Economic Changes of the Today's World

·     Sociocultural Changes of Global Social and Economic Process

·     Interaction of National Economies, Cultures and Civilizations

·     Migration Processes in the World and in Russia

·     Social and Economic Risks of the World Economy Development

·     Ecological and Economic Problems of the Today's World

·     Informal Economy

·     Contemporary Economy and Globalization

·     The Economic Impact on Social Development and Democracy

·     Regional Development

·     National Economies Between Liberalization and Intervention

·     International and Local Capital Markets

·     Education and Knowledge Management

·     Towards Modern Welfare Economics

·     Modern Tendencies in Economy and Management of Tourism

·     Building a Resilient Organization

·     The Economics of Modern Enterprise

·     Planning or Predicting: Concepts and Models

·     Corporate Governance

·     Manufacturing: Strategy, Technology, and Organization

·     Human Capital Management

·     Marketing Perspective

·     The Legal Environment of Business

·     Business Continuity

·     ICT Support to Business Activities

·     Corporate Finance

·     Accounting and Auditing

·     The Role of SMEs in National Economies

·     SMEs in Global Value Chains

·     Education for Creativity

Gratitude letter:

Dear Rector Natalia Pochinok,

Dear Prof. Maloletko

Dear Olga Kaurova

Dear Maxim Stepanov

After few days of catching up some duties I left behind, I wanted to say few words of gratitude regarding our together event (XVII ISC & 25th esd Conference).

Organization of the event was at highest possible level and I am still receiving some compliments from different sides of the World. Your effort and professionalism cannot be compared to anything I have seen. We have cooperated with more than 10 institutions so far (worldwide) and RGSU has set on the 1st position – strongly and without competition.

Thank You and congratulations, dear partners!

Your hospitality and hosting of my family, “esd” team I myself is even harder to describe – You all left me speechless. I wouldn’t like to miss out someone, but I would like to thank all of You – starting with Rector Pochinok (especially for personal attendance and moderation), then Professor Maloletko with Professor Kaurova and Your Superb Candidate Igor Stepkin who contacted me and negotiated this event to happen, Professor Stepanov for full support and very nice closing ceremony... to all of assistants and volunteers who made XVII ISC spectacular in many different ways.

I will do all I can to preserve this cooperation and upgrade it in the upcoming period. This event now represents a strong base for attracting even more international authors for the next Year. I already contacted our partners, media and most respectful authors – I am sure they will have XVIII ISC in their focus.