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Youth policy and integration of migrants

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“Ru-science” has published the monograph “The peculiarities of the integration process of young migrants and immigrants in the Russian society and realization of a youth policy in multinational European and CIS countries, China and India” of the RSSU scientists Tamara Rostovskaya, Marina Vinogradova, Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa.

The scientific monograph provides the results of the Russian sociological research which was held in September-December 2017 on the request of the Federal Agency for Youth “Rosmolodyozh”. It was a group of the RSSU academic staff led by Tamara Rostovskaya, the Head of the Social Pedagogy and Management for Youth Department, who undertook the study.

The research is dedicated to the socialization processes of the today’s Russian youth in the context of globalization and social transformations connected with the interaction of different cultures and the development paradigms problems. The situation becomes more complicated because of the migration processes strengthening in the youth environment. This strengthening should be adapted to the new conditions and the integration of migrants in the local society.

A topic of the study was integration processes of the young immigrants from neighboring countries who have lived in large Russian cities (from 500,000 people) for less than 5 years and young migrants from national republics of the Russian Federation who have lived in other regions of Russia for less than 5 years.

On the basis of the best practices in implementing of a state youth policy in multinational European and CIS countries, China and India the scientists managed to find main approaches and the positive integration and socialization experience of the young immigrants, their socialization in the local society, the formation of their cultural and national identity and evaluate the applicability of this experience in current Russian conditions.

The target audience of the monograph is scientists, experts and searchers, specialists in youth work studying migration processes and also everyone who is concerned about the youth issue. 

The full version of the scientific work is uploaded on the e-catalog of the RSSU Scientific Library: