We invite you to join the community of our students and to launch your professional carrier together with us!

Bachelor programs have a practical approach and comprise 8 semesters (240 credits) leading to a Bachelor's degree.

Master programs can be followed after a Bachelor or program of the same field of study. Master programs have a deeper scientific approach, comprise 4 semesters (120 credits) and lead to a Master’s degree.

Doctoral programs may be accessible for those who have successfully completed Master program. PhD programs comprise 6 semesters and lead according to the subject field of the thesis to a PhD degree.

RSSU International Summer Camp 2 week cultural program focused on introduction to Russian culture and basics of Russian Language.

Russian as a Foreign Language courses designed in order to prepare foreign students to study completely in Russian language.

The Russian State Social University (RSSU) is a leading institution of higher education in Russia, CIS and the Baltics in the sphere of social science. The University was founded in 1991 and was the first in the country to launch educational programs in social work, social psychology and social pedagogics. 

Over 400 000 social workers have already graduated from the University. At RSSU social education is viewed in very broad terms: as a combination of educational programs for managers, public officers, social workers, sociologists, anthropologists etc. Four University campuses welcome 17 000 students, including 750 foreign students from 72 countries. Our students are also active participants of academic exchange programs.

The University incorporates 13 faculties (Art Faculty, Humanities Faculty, Informational Technologies Faculty, Communication Management Faculty, Medical Faculty, Psychology Faculty, Social Work Faculty, Faculty of Sociology, Management Faculty, Faculty of Physical Culture, Faculty of Ecology and Technosphere Safety, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law) and a College. There are 48 bachelor’s degree programs, 28 master’s degree programs, 16 secondary level vocational training programs, 8 specialist degree programs and 7 graduate programs. 

There are 7 branches within the structure of the University: 5 branches in Russia and 2 abroad.

RSSU is a modern state educational institution guaranteeing its students effective study as well as leisure time. All the 10 academic buildings are situated in the East and North-East of Moscow. The academic rooms are technologically well-equipped and ready for online classes if necessary. RSSU also has lecture halls and classrooms for individual lessons.  

There is a research library at the University which offers a wide scope of informational service based on the modern informational technologies. We are especially proud of our library – it has a collection of 3000 rare books of XVIII-XX centuries in Russian and foreign languages. The researchers and the students are welcomed in 3 reading rooms as well as in an online reading room.

The conference rooms of the University host the proceedings of the Academic Board and the thesis defenses for PhDs and postdocs. The assembly hall hosts the most important and outstanding events. There is also a cultural center for the youth creative projects.

The University has a TechnoPark of Equal Abilities. This is an inclusive space for teaching new ICT within the framework of additional education for children and adults. The TechnoPark was founded on the basis of the Informational Technologies Faculty supported by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow.

The University’s ambulatory care clinic has diagnostic and treatment facilities with latest equipment. The staff is highly qualified, there are many PhDs combining clinical work with research and teaching at RSSU, Sechenov Moscow State Medical University and other research institutions. The University ambulatory care clinic collaborates with the leading research institutions, studies and adopts international experience, implements new methods and technologies. It is also a practice base for the students.  

The University offers excellent sport, leisure and healthcare facilities. The sport base offers a stadium, an athletic track, a skating rink, a gym as well as a swimming pool. At the weekends and on holidays the students and the University staff may spend time in the recreational area.

For the non-residents of Moscow RSSU has 5 dormitories for 2370 people.

The main body of student self-governance is Students Board – RSSU Senate unites the representatives of all the faculties and branches of the University. Student scientific society is the main body which unites the student scientific teams from each faculty. 

All business processes at the University are highly automated. For educational reasons, the University implemented LMS - all the teaching materials are digital. Each student has a personal account with all the achievements from academic to cultural.

Based on the scientific research of international level, we train highly qualified specialists who are socially active and responsible, well adaptable to modern realities and we promote their integration into the global professional community.