Registration in Russia

All international students studying in Russia must have a registration. If you are a foreign student, do not forget to make a registration upon your arrival to Russia!

How to get the registration?

Within 3 working days after your arrival to Russia you must submit to Office of International Affairs at Russian State Social University:

  • copies of all pages of your passport (including empty ones);
  • copy of migration card (is issued at the airport at the point of entry to Russia);
  • letter confirming that you are a student (except exchange program students).

Registration issue takes around 2-5 working days. 

Important notes:

1. Every time you leave Russia (even for 1-day trip abroad), you must get a new  registration upon your arrival. 

2. In case you don’t submit your documents to RSSU Office of International Affairs in time we won’t be able to help you with registration acquiring. This means that you will be obliged to cross again the russian border to get registration.