The RSSU has great achievements in research activities and in the development of doctoral and postdoctoral research in the field of Social Sciences, Political Science, Humanities and others. The big role in these achievements has the RSSU participation in the implementation of the Russian Academy of Sciences decisions aimed at strengthening of collaboration between the academic science and the scientific and pedagogical community of universities.

The scientific and pedagogical partnership of the University with national and international academic institutions has granted new opportunities for the improvement of research quality, implementation of scientific achievements in the educational process.

The main studies are carried out within the established University research groups that reflect the principal areas, in which University scholars work:

- Adaptive physical training

- Constitutional law

- Family and gender policy

- Folk Art Studies

- History and theory of social pedagogics

- Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs

- Psychology of the personality

- Psychology of labour

- Rehabilitation and leisure systems

- Religious studies, philosophical anthropology, cultural philosophy, theology

- Russian history

- Semiotic approaches to translation theory

- Social aspects of regional communications

- Social acmeology (studies of social values)

- Social anthropology, sociology of culture and spiritual life

- Social conflictology in modern Russia

- Social engineering

- Social entrepreneurship

- Social forecasting

- Social journalism

- Social science and social education

- Sociology of family

- Sociology of human potential

- Sociology of migration

- Social psychology

- Sociology of social sphere

- Theory of politics, history and methodology of political science