Interactive workshop «Captivating professiology or guide to the world of professions»

Students of Social College participated in interactive workshop.

Under the leadership of the tutor of RSSU social college Alexey Kosoplechev students of RSSU College participated in Saturday meeting and interactive workshop «Captivating professiology or guide to the world of professions».

In game form participants learned what professiology is, got useful information about theories of ways to find one’s own path in life. After finishing special tests students were able to identify their aptitude to certain professional fields.

Besides, team of RSSU College students became a winner в in an intellectual game «Journey into the world of profession».

Scientific festival "NAUKA 0+"

RSSU took part in scientific festival "NAUKA 0+" for the tenth time.

The ecent took part on October 7-9 in Expocenter. The main purpose of the festival is to popularize science among the audience of all ages, as its slogan says: «NAUKA 0+ = Science for Everybody". The event is meant to establish the dialogue between the scientific community and the society by drawing attention to the work of scientists, demonstrating the results of research activities that contribute to improving the quality and standards of living.

The event attracted adepts of science as well as people not engaged in scientific activities. Approximately 100 universities, museums and scientific centers were endorsed at the event. The festival included 12 presentations, 25 workshops, 8 concerts and scientific shows, 4 competitions, 109 exhibitions.

RSSU presented three projects: «Invisible Module», business game  «Financial Way» and media-project: "Поклонимся великим тем годам" (#ПВТГ) ("Let's revere those glorious years"). During three days the stands of these projects were visited by 600 people.

«Invisible Module» - is a unique game, encompassing all areas of life. The game field replicates a landscape with rivers, mountains, trees, towns, buildings, factories, plants etc.The patterns on the field can be changed infinite number of times since it consists of modules that can be positioned in various ways.

Stand of RSSU Faculty of Economics was one of the most conspicuous and memorable  business projects. Business game «Financial Way» stand was visited by every third guest of the event.

Many organizations took part in the festival . For instance, Center of scientific discoveries «InnoPark» presented its interactive exhibits. Guests of the event were able to explore Nature laws and set scientific experiments. Guides of the Center talked about such exhibits as "Magnetic phenomena", " Möbius strip ", "Flying ball" and others.

The First International Scientific Conference

RSSU held the First International Scientific Conference “Current issues of philology, culturology and linguodidactics” scheduled to mark the International Day of philologist.

At the beginning of the conference the rector of RSSU Natalia Pochinok delivered a welcoming speech. The event drew representatives of English language office of the Embassy of the USA and Oxford University Press.

Apart from the teaching staff of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the speakers at the conference included many foreign specialists made presentations regarding teaching of English as a foreign language, linguistics and English philology: Gerrold Frank (USA), Eric Creamer (USA), Alexander Thomas Bivet (Scotland), Kadjol Shastri (India) and representatives from various Russian universities, such as MGIMO, MIPT, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistics University and Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Russian Academy of Science.

Over 70 participants attended the Conference: bachelors, masters and doctoral students.

It’s the first time RSSU organized the International Scientific Conference. The dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Marina Nevskaya assured that she’s planning to arrange the Second Conference and preparing topics for discussion.