Russian Language Courses

Would you like to study the Russian language?

For international students with insufficient Russian language knowledge, RUSS offers university preparation course: Russian as a Foreign Language from beginner (A1) to intermediate level (B1). The program is designed in order to prepare foreign students for success in the TORFL and further studies completely in the Russian language.

After the course completion students will be able to:

  • pass successfully the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) Level B1 (intermediate level)
  • enter Russian higher education institutions (required level of Russian – intermediate)
  • understand Russian speakers and express your own opinion
  • comprehend main content of the texts (books, newspapers, magazines etc.)
  • write standard information and create short texts
  • speak on general topics with Russian friends
  • integrate into Russian society

Russian Language Courses program:

1 year course

4 hours per day

3 times per week

full-time program

Deadline for application: 01 August

Please note: places in student's dormitory are provided upon request and are not guaranteed.

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Visa information:

For the Russian language courses we prepare a letter of invitation for visa type "Курсы", if you decide to continue your studies in our University we will prepare a new letter of invitation for visa type "Учеба" and you will get a new visa in country of your citizenship.