Summer Schools

Russian State Social University
International Summer Camp

2 week educational and cultural program for international learners

Russian State Social University welcomes learners from all over the world at International Summer Camp.

This is a 2-week educational program focused on introduction to Russian language and Russian traditions. Every day you will have 2-hours morning lectures and daily exciting sightseeing to the top 10 beautiful historical places in Moscow.



Session 1: June 10-24


Session 2: July 01-15

Russian State Social University

Session 3: August 05-19

Dates can be changed upon request (group - min 10 students)

Russian Language Introductory Course includes 72 hours of Russian Language classes. We are ready to create for you a personal program – classes can be taught in English (Russian Culture, Russian Traditions), we can organize for you drawing lessons, chess lessons, just let us know what is more interesting for you (group min 10 students).

Main Moscow city-tours and excursions:

Red Square

The first place in Moscow you must visit. Red Square is often considered the central square of Moscow since Moscow's major streets, which connect to Russia's major highways, originate from the square

The St. Basil Cathedral

Is a church in Red Square in Moscow. The building, now a museum, is officially known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat

Moscow Metro and MCC

The Moscow metro has the most beautiful stations in the world and one year ago Moscow Central Circle was built. You need to see it and visit the most famous metro stations!

The oldest art street:


One of oldest streets in Moscow, dating back to 15th century lined with many little souvenir shops and historic buildings

 Park Zaryadie

Is a landscape urban park located adjacent to Red Square in Moscow, Russia on the site of the former Rossiya Hotel        

Tsarytsino Park

Tsarytsino Park is conservation area and that implies a number regulations to be in effect on its territory compulsory for all visitors

Gorkiy Park

Very beautiful park with modern
reconstructions, lake and sport activities


Is   an    Exhibition
Achievements of National
Economy.  VDNKH is
ideological ground of the
Soviet    Union  that
existed for several dozens
of years.

How to apply?
Just e-mail us!

RSSU International Summer Camp 



It was nice to come to a place called Moscow in Russia and learn Russian culture and history every day for two weeks, but it was especially nice that I was able to travel with volunteers and organizator. It would not have been easy to manage 20 students alone, but I was so grateful that you took a role of a Russian guide without showing even once how hard it was. Despite the fact you are young and we are the same age, you worked hard to explain the history and culture of Russia, which made me feel friendlier to this country. Also, I am very thankful to the teachers who have always been very trying hard to prepare classes and kindly discussing them. That is why I was able to have good memories from Russia and it became a country that I definitely want to come back to. 


Until the global challenge, Russia was a very unfamiliar country to me. I did even think about the language people use in Russia or Russian culture. However, through this global challenge, I was able to personally experience the difference between Russia and the Republic of Korea, which and what they have in common. There is a limit to understanding culture indirectly through theory and writing. However, it was easy to understand the culture that I learned by interacting with the local people directly. In addition, through the global challenge I got to experience planning the trip by myself, flutter, correcting it according to the situation. The person who does not know me who is strangely familiar has also realized that my attitude toward foreigners has developed a lot through the two-week challenge. Through the two-week challenge I realized that my attitude toward foreigners has developed a lot. This made me wonder if it was not the true intent of the global Challenge. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Sasha A., who helped us to adjust easily in an unfamiliar environment.


I will never forget this visit to Moscow. It was fantastic. I would like to visit again next time. I’ve spend a meaningful two weeks learning Russian culture and feeling myself. I appreciate the person who picked up my wallet in the dormitory when I lost it. I was very impressed by the kindness of everyone!


Two weeks, the time spent in Moscow quickly passed like a dream of a midsummer night. It was hard to adapt first few days because it was my first time living in Europe. A week later, I got used to it and then I came back to Korea. In Korea, I did not write very well and my English was very poor but Russian friends and teachers helped me a lot to improve my English.


Two weeks in Moscow, my first overseas trip, will be a memory I will never forget. I did not have a prejudice, but I heard about some discrimination against the East. However, there were a lot of people who are so nice and it’s a pity I couldn’t meet the person who found my wallet to thank them personally. Two workers in the university’s cafeteria and dormitory, Sasha A., Alexandr, Nikko, Sasha, Vadim and all seem to be memorable. Thank you for giving me good memories of Moscow.


It was really dreamtime for two weeks in Russia. Beautiful buildings and clean streets looked like pictures. The subway was crowded, but it was beautiful. The food was delicious. Once again, I want to go to Russia. 


It was good to learn about the history and culture of Russia during class, and it was good to visit various places of Moscow during cultural visits. Although it was difficult when I traveled around because I could not speak English, it amazed me that I could communicate by body language and guesses. Too bad I came to Korea when I already adapted to Russia. It seems that the place where people live is the same.


During the Globall challenge in Russia, I was able to study the culture, religion and history of Russia in depth, to taste the local food of Russia and to experience the famous cultural assets in Moscow. I especially thank Professor Ekaterina and Sasha A., Nikita and others who helped me a lot in Russia.


When I first arrived in Moscow I was surprised that there were many forests. I know that Russia is a country with a large area, but in the city of Moscow, there were many green forests and trees, rather than tall buildings, and the old buildings seemed to fit in naturally. In addition, the travel book that I referred to before departure was saying the smile of the Russian people was hard to see, but the people actually met gave a warm smile and were helping me a lot. Through this visit to Moscow, the image of Russia changed from winter, cold to forest and kindness. I also wanted to visit once again through the program provided by the school because of the friendly teachers and students who told me different stories about Russia that I would not have known if I was traveling alone.


The two weeks in Moscow have been a special experience for me because I have only been abroad for travel purposes. Talking with Russian friends and learning Russian culture directly from them is not an easy experience. Also, lessons at the university were very impressive. Friendly teachers, fun and easy to understand classes were helpful. The days when I traveled with my Russian friends to Moscow's major tourist attractions and laughed and enjoyed them would be my precious memories of my life forever.